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SLF March UK Tour Dates 

Tickets for our UK March tour are on sale now!

"On the 28th of March 1978, we stepped onto the stage of the Ulster Hall for the first time. I was still working at Mackie's on the Springfield Rd. And "Suspect Device" was 11 days old. We were first on the bill to the saucy Radio Stars and the mighty Eddie and the Hot Rods. The Hot Rods were one of our favourite bands and we were beyond excited to be on the same stage as them. Now, the Rods have announced the end of their amazing career and we could not be fucking happier to have one of the true legends of live music tour with us. Ladies & Gentlemen...EDDIE AND THE FUCKING HOT RODS! And as a special treat for those of you coming to the London show, The fantastic Vapors." --Jake Burns


New Stiff Little Fingers Glasgow Barrowland Live CD, Vinyl & DVD Released! 

Stiff Little Fingers' new live DVD and album, "Best Served Loud - Live At Barrowland"! Watch the video of the live performance of "Suspect Device".

March 17, 2016 marked the 25th of SLF's epic annual St. Patrick’s Day shows at Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom. The gig was professionally recorded, and was previously only available as a limited edition for the "Pledge" group who invested in the project. Stiff Little Fingers' new live DVD, CD and vinyl, "Best Served Loud" is now available to the general public. Order yours now! (And thanks again to the pledgers who made this happen!) Order here: 


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