The Punk Asylum Seekers cover "At The Edge" and "Suspect Device" and features everyone's favorite SLF fan Baggy as lead singer.

Straw Dogs is a SLF tribute band based in Scotland

"Suspect Device" has been covered by:
The Dropkick Murphys live
Irish band Kerbdog on their "Dry Riser" single
Naked Raygun, live version on their Jettison album.
Brazilian band Ratos de Porão on their Feijoada Acidente? LP.
Knockout, from Orange Country CA, on their lp Think It's Time.
Bologna, Italy's The Stab, live
Californian punk band Rhythm Collision, live
Vision on their one and the same LP on Corrupted Image records.
Walsh Street Cop Killers - a chaos/hardcore band from Melbourne
New Jersey/New York punk band The Casualties, live
Canada's The Vagabonds, on their 1995 cd Hit the Road.
The Japanese band Anarchy on one of their albums
Mission to Murder, live and on an Atlanta band compilation cd called Sleepless Nights.
Brazilian band S.N.A.P. live
Topper (live)
Sacaramento pop-punk band The Groovie Ghoulies, live
Chicago punk band, Screeching Weasel on their Thank You Very Little LP

"Alternative Ulster" has been covered by:
Therapy for the Rockin in the North television series.
Major Accident on their demo.
Ska/punk band Spunge
London Punkharmonic Orchestra on the Symphony of Destruction: Punk Goes Classical CD
Knockout live

"Here We Are Nowhere." has been covered by:
The Swingin' Utters on their More Scared LP
Bloodsucking Freaks -- a detroit style punk band from Adelaide
Plan A Project -- a U.S. band, live
The Basement Brats on their album Bratbeat

You Can't Say Crap on the Radio" has been covered by:
The Swingin' Utters live

"State of Emergency." has been covered by
Swedish deathmetal band Entombed
The Almighty

"Gotta Gettaway" has been covered by:
The Basque band 6-ZEN, live
Brazilian band Ratos de Porão, live
One Man Army, street punk band from San Francisco (live)
Czech band E!E on 1st album (1991) (with czech lyrics)
Finnish band Ratsia Metropolis, (1980) live compilation New York hardcore band Grey Area on their LP, Fanbelt Algebra "Tin Soldiers" has been covered by:
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on their Don't Know How to Party album.
Down By Law, live
The Basque band SS-77, live
Bologna, Italy's The Stab, live


"Wasted Life" has been covered by:
Shades Apart, on a 1995 cd (unlisted track)
Boston bandThe Vigilantes live
Mid Youth Crisis (formerly One Inch Punch) - a hardcore band from Melbourne
Finnish band Insaint & Co., Amnesty mini-lp (1993)
Finnish band Ratsia (in Finnish "Ne ei haluu kuunnella") on their first album (1979) English Dogs
German group Toxoplasma "Barbed Wire Love" has been covered by:
Quebec bandThe Rocketeers live
The Goops, on the Punk Rock Jukebox CD (CherryDisc Records)


"Wait and See" has been covered by:
One Man Army, street punk band from San Francisco (live)


"Nobody's Hero" has been covered by:
Agnostic Front (live)


"Listen" was released in Spanish (re-titled "Escucha tu corazón" which means "Listen to your heart") by:
The Argentinian band Attaque 77 on their Otras Canciones CD.

"Silver Lining" has been covered by:
Gods Lonely Men live

"Happy Yesterday" has been covered by:
Gods Lonely Men live

The Basque band Kortatu covered the SLF "version" of "Doesn't Make it All Right" (translated into Spanish).

An Australian punk group took "Bits of Kids" as their name.

The Dropkick Murphys include a song about SLF called "Get Up" on their lp Do or Die:

I went North to see the Stiff Little Fingers play
the kids in the Belfast were tearing it up
Jake is the punkest dude I do declare
He got a leather jacket, and the spikey hair
"We All Fall Down" So Get Up Now
"We All Fall Down" So Get Up Now
Since '77 they've made music for me and you
playing punk rock songs while the bombs they blew
now I suspect these songs are about pain and strife
but I'll tell you this they didn't waste their life


"Johnny Was" -- written and originally performed by Bob Marley.

"Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae" -- adapted from a Bunny Wailer song.

"Love of the Common People" -- performed by Nicky Thomas. In the mid-eighties, Paul Young worked on a musical project with Jake Burns and was inspired to cover this song, and had a huge hit with it.

"Doesn't Make it All Right" -- The Specials

"Mr. Fire Coal Man" -- originally performed by Wailing Souls.

"The Message" -- Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

"You Can Get It If you Really Want" -- Jimmy Cliff