Singles & EPs

These records are all out of print, but you may find used copies online at Gemm. Hanx to Alec Lenenberg for help in compiling this discography.


Suspect Device/Wasted Life 1978 See Ian's Harper's detailed info on the collectable variations of this and other SLF singles.

Alternative Ulster/78 RPM 1978

Gotta Gettaway/Bloody Sunday 1979

Straw Dogs/You Can't Say Crap On The Radio 1979

At the Edge/Running Bear/White Christmas
1980 (b-sides recorded live at Troon and Aberdeen, October 1979)

At the Edge/Straw Dogs
1980 (Dutch version--different picture sleeve than U.K. release)
(New Zealand version has no picture sleeve)

Nobody's Hero/Tin Soldiers

Back To Front/Mr. Fire Coal Man 1980

Just Fade Away/Go For It/Doesn't Make It All Right (live) 1981 (New Zealand version has no picture sleeve)

Silver Lining/Safe As Houses 1981

Listen/That's When Your Blood Bumps/Sad-Eyed People/Two Guitars Clash 1982

Talkback/Good For Nothing 1982

Bits of Kids/Stands to Reason 1982

The Price of Admission/Touch and Go 1982

Get a Life/Harp/Tin Soldiers 1995 (b-sides recorded live at Glasgow Barrowlands on March 17, 1993)


GOTTA GETTAWAY 12" vinyl 1980 (French)
Gotta Gettaway/Alternative Ulster/Bloody Sunday/Suspect Device/Wasted Live/78 RPM

LISTEN 12" vinyl 1982 (New Zealand)
Listen/Sad-Eyed People/That's When Your Blood Bumps/Two Guitars Clash

NO SLEEP 'TIL BELFAST 12" vinyl 1988 (recorded live at National Ballroom, Kilburn, on December 17, 1987)
No Sleep 'til Belfast/Suspect Device/Alternative Ulster/Nobody's Hero

THE PEEL SESSIONS 12" vinyl and CD ep 1988 (the dutch release has a different cd picture sleeve)
Johnny Was/Law and Order/Barbed Wire Love/Suspect Device

THE WILD ROVER 12" vinyl and 3" CD ep 1989 (recorded live at Brixton Academy, March 1, 1988)
The Wild Rover/Love of the Common People/Johnny Was

THE LAST TIME 12" vinyl 1989 (recorded live at Brixton Academy, October 1, 1988)
The Last Time-Live/Mr. Fire Coal Man-Live/Two Guitars Clash-Live

Beirut Moon/Stand Up and Shout/Interview with Jake Burns by John Oley, BBC

CAN'T BELIEVE IN YOU 12" vinyl and CD ep 1994
Can't Believe in You/Silver Lining-Unplugged/ Listen-Unplugged/Wasted Life-Unplugged

HARP CD ep 1994 (The later two songs are the "Go West" demos featuring Jake Burns, Bruce Foxton and Dolphin Taylor, recorded in 1983.)
Harp/Shake it Off/Not What We Were (Pro Patria Mori)