Stiff Little Fingers, the legendary punk band formed in 1977 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is still burning bright today. 2024 celebrates the 45th anniversary of the release of Stiff Little Fingers' debut album, Inflammable Material, widely considered to be one of the greatest punk albums of all time. Along with The Clash, The Stranglers, Sex Pistols, and The Damned, they were at the forefront of the punk rock movement and are still touring and recording today.

Now, Stiff Little Fingers is working on the chapter of their music. “Hate Has No Home Here,” their latest track, was inspired by the title of a grassroots campaign that promotes just and inclusive communities and stands against hate speech and bigotry.

If ever there was a place on this gobshite planet to incubate good punk rock, that place is Belfast.... And sure enough, the Northern Ireland capital has gifted us with one of the greatest punk bands of all time, Stiff Little Fingers. Rather than wallow in the provocative-for-provocation’s-sake nihilism of their English counterparts, Stiff Little Fingers drew from first-hand experience of their hometown’s Troubles, imbuing their frustration with their island’s inherent, elegiac tunefulness ... And the Fingers are still soldiering on, with original singer/guitarist Jake Burns and bassist Ali McMordie joined by guitarist Ian McCallum and drummer Steve Grantley.... Like their peers, Stiff Little Fingers give a two-fingered salute to the hypocrisy of the world, but unlike others, their music locates hope amid the rage. ”

Ned Lannamann

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Stiff Little Fingers (left to right): Ali McMordie, Steve Grantley, Jake Burns, and Ian McCallum. Photo by Will Byington.

Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers (left to right): Steve Grantley, Ian McCallum, Jake Burns, and Ali McMordie. Photo by Will Byington.

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The fiery group were formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1977 in the midst of the Troubles, and singer-guitarist Jake Burns found plenty of lyrical inspiration just outside his front door in the violent streets of his divided hometown. Such explosive tracks as “Tin Soldiers” and “Suspect Device” still sound powerful today....”

Falling James, L.A. Weekly

Northern Ireland punk legends Stiff Little Fingers, particularly their album Inflammable Material, undeniably influenced multiple generations of loud and fast musicians—it’s even the basis of a “Is this the new Green Day” meet-cute joke for the nerds in Gen X hit High Fidelity. But SLF’s classic recorded material not only stands the test of time, but so do their live shows, which bring out punks of all ages to pay homage by shouting along.”

Paul Cajun

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