Compilations that include SLF songs

Greatest Irish Bands ( Utv Records, 2004)--Alternative Ulster

20 of Another Kind (Polydor, 1979)--Suspect Device

Rock Against Racism (Virgin, 1980)--Law and Order (live)

Wanna Buy a Bridge? (Rough Trade, 1980)--Alternative Ulster

Personality Crisis (Action Replay Records, 1984)--Listen

The History of Rock Volume 31 (Orbis, 1985)--Alternative Ulster

Punk You: Music for the Discerning Slacker Vol. 1 -- Alternative Ulster Beat of the Street (Link, 1988)--Nobody's Heroes

Fun, Filth and Fury! (Virgin, 1991)--Suspect Device-Live, Alternative Ulster-Live & Johnny Was-Live

The Best of Bizarre Festival 1987-1992 (Columbia, 1992)--Suspect Device

The Sound of the City (Columbia, 1992)--At the Edge

Going Underground (Castle Communications, 1993)--Alternative Ulster

DIY--The Modern World--U.K. Punk II (1977-78) (Rhino)--Suspect Device & Alternative Ulster

Punk Rock Christmas (Rhino, 1995)--White Christmas-recorded live at Aberdeen, October 1979

The Best Punk Album in the World...Ever! (Virgin, 1995)--Alternative Ulster

The Best Punk Album in the World...Ever! Volume 2 (Virgin, 1996)--Suspect Device

The Politics of Punk (Dressed to Kill, 1996)--Suspect Device and Alternative Ulster, live

This is Dojo Sampler 1996 (Dojo 1996)--Nobody's Hero-live from 1988

Spiked - 18 New Wave and Punk Classics (EMI, 1996)--Alternative Ulster and Suspect Device

Punk and Nasty - (2 CD-Box, Music Collection International)-- At The Edge (live) and Alternative Ulster (live)

NME Classics (2008) -- Suspect Device, single version